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Posh-IBCLI 1.3.0

New functions Get-IBCLIApacheCert and Set-IBCLIApacheCert

Ryan Bolger

Just shipped a new Posh-IBCLI release, version 1.3.0. It adds new functions called Get-IBCLIApacheCert and Set-IBCLIApacheCert which wrap the set apache_https_cert command added in NIOS 8.4. What’s funny is that the only reason I found out about the command is because of a problem I ran into while testing Posh-IBWAPI’s new file upload functions.

Posh-ACME 3.8.0

More options in Set-PAOrder and misc fixes

Ryan Bolger

Just shipped a new Posh-ACME release, version 3.8.0. Set-PAOrder now supports modifying some order properties that don’t require generating a new order such as FriendlyName, PfxPass, and the Install switch. If the order has already been completed, changes to FriendlyName and PfxPass will generate new versions of the associated PFX files with the updated values. But changes to the Install switch will only affect future renewals. The GoDaddy plugin will no longer fail on large accounts with…

Posh-ACME 3.7.0

New param in Submit-Renewal and misc fixes

Ryan Bolger

Just shipped a new Posh-ACME release, version 3.7.0. In addition to some miscellaneous bug fixes, Submit-Renewal now has an optional -PluginArgs parameter for cases when you need to specify new values for a plugin but don’t want to create a whole new order from scratch. This is useful if your credentials change or if the type of credential you’re using is purposefully short-lived.

Posh-IBWAPI 3.1.0

Improvements to Send-IBFile and Receive-IBFile

Ryan Bolger

Just shipped a new Posh-IBWAPI release, version 3.1.0. There is now an -OverrideTransferHost switch in Send-IBFile and Receive-IBFile. But to understand what it does requires a bit of explanation on how file transfers work under the hood with the Infoblox WAPI. Any given file transfer (up or down) is a 3-step process that can be generalized as follows.

Posh-ACME 3.6.0

New plugins and self-hosted http challenges

Ryan Bolger

Just shipped a new Posh-ACME release, version 3.6.0. This one has a bunch of new stuff including new plugins for Domeneshop, Dreamhost, EasyDNS, and freedns.afraid.org. The other big addition is a new function called Invoke-HttpChallengeListener which can be super handy for people doing HTTP challenges. It’s basically a self-contained webserver that will respond to requests for the HTTP challenges in your order so you don’t have manually deal with making the challenge files…

Auditing Active Directory Passwords With PwnedPassCheck

Make sure users aren't using compromised passwords.

Ryan Bolger

In a previous post, I introduced a new PowerShell module called PwnedPassCheck. It can be used to check passwords and hashes against a list of over half a billion compromised passwords exposed in data breaches thanks to Troy Hunt’s incredibly useful haveibeenpwned.com. In this post, I’ll demonstrate how to use the module in conjunction with Michael Grafnetter’s amazing DSInternals module to quickly audit existing passwords in Active Directory against the compromised list.

New Module: PwnedPassCheck

Checking if passwords or hashes have been compromised.

Ryan Bolger

Troy Hunt’s incredibly useful haveibeenpwned.com is a great way to check whether your email address and other personal information was exposed in a data breach. But it also allows you to separately check if a specific password was exposed in a breach. As of version 5, the data set contains over half a billion compromised passwords and the number of times they’ve been seen in data breaches. My PwnedPassCheck module lets you query that data easily via PowerShell.

Infoblox and MS Management Permissions

How to avoid using Domain Admin

Ryan Bolger

The NIOS documentation lacks great instructions for granting least-privilege access to use the various MS Management components. As a former Active Directory admin, that bugs me because people get frustrated and end up giving service accounts Domain Admin permissions just to get things working. This post will lay out the necessary permissions for each component and provide PowerShell examples on how to apply them easily.

Posh-ACME 3.5.0

New plugin and misc fixes

Ryan Bolger

Just shipped a new Posh-ACME release, version 3.5.0. This one has an important fix due to a recent change in Let’s Encrypt’s ACME implementation which now more strictly adheres to the recently finalized RFC 8555 spec. The Let’s Encrypt change is only on the staging server at the moment, but it will likely move to production soon and it breaks account creation on all previous versions of Posh-ACME.

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