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Posh-ACME 3.14.0

New plugin and some fixes

Ryan Bolger

Just shipped a new Posh-ACME release, version 3.14.0. There’s now a Hetzner plugin thanks to a submission by Franz Mueller (@derguterat). The RFC2136 has an important fix when using it with names other than the root domain. The Google DNS plugin and the Azure usage guide also got a couple fixes.

Updated versions can be found in the PowerShell Gallery or GitHub. Installation instructions are in the Readme.


  • Added new DNS plugin Hetzner (Thanks @derguterat)
  • Fix for Google DNS plugin to ignore private zones. (Thanks @timwsuqld)
  • Fix for Azure usage guide for using existing access token. (Thanks @arestarh)
  • Fix for RFC2136 plugin which makes it usable for records other than the root domain.

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