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Posh-ACME 3.10.0

Critical fix, new Hurricane Electric plugin, and Azure cert-based auth.

Ryan Bolger

Just shipped a new Posh-ACME release, version 3.10.0. There’s a critical fix in this version for a problem introduced by a recent change in Let’s Encrypt’s ACME implementation that breaks renewals. A new DNS plugin for HurricaneElectric was added and the Azure plugin now supports certificate based authentication in addition to the existing methods. There’s also additional guidance in the tutorial on renewals and deployment.

Updated versions can be found in the PowerShell Gallery or GitHub. Installation instructions are in the Readme.


  • Added new DNS plugin HurricaneElectric
  • Azure plugin now supports certificate based authentication. See the plugin guide for details. (#190)
  • Setup examples in the Azure plugin guide now utilize the Az module rather than the legacy AzureRm.* modules. (#189)
  • Fix for “No order for ID” errors caused by recent Boulder changes that no longer return order details for expired orders. (#192)
  • Fixed being unable to switch active orders if an error occurred trying to refresh the order details from the ACME server.
  • Added additional guidance on renewals and deployment to the tutorial.

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